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There are no hidden fees, no surprises! Tourism Cloud Staff pricing is
completely transparent and is billed monthly in one invoice

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Tourism Cloud Staff pricing is completely transparent.
It is made up of two components and billed monthly on a
single invoice.

call center

Employee direct costs

This covers the salary and other associated benefits
such as social security and holiday for each employee.
Salaries for each staff member will vary depending on their qualifications
and experience and are set at the time of hiring. There is no markup on direct cost.

Tourism Cloud Staff

Tourism Cloud Staff provides efficient and effective staffing solution at a fixed price and covers all operational costs such as HR, payroll, office support, facilities, electricity, internet, security, computer equipment, IT support, and infrastructure.

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General price guide

Tourism Cloud Staff can save you up to 65 - 75% of the cost of hiring domestically without sacrificing quality outcomes and working conditions.

Salaries for individual staff members will vary depending on the job position, experience and qualifications. The monthly remuneration for most of the outsourced positions for a full-time white collar (office-based) staff ranges between US$ 1,350 - US$ 1,850 (all inclusive), which is equivalent to US$ 16,200 - US$ 22,200 per annum.

Bonuses and incentives

Any reward or incentive programs for the staff must be notified in writing to Tourism Cloud Staff at least 60 days prior to the commencement of the program as there may be tax implications involved

Reward or incentives being offered to the staff in monetary value or reward of all forms (i.e., cash, bonus, gratuity, gifts cards, prizes, holidays, etc) should be notified to Tourism Cloud Staff in writing with a monthly statement of account.

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