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Find answers to commonly asked questions about Tourism Cloud Staff. Visit the Tourism Cloud Staff for business FAQ for more questions and answers for business users.

  • TCS can save you up to 65-75% of the cost of hiring domestically without sacrificing quality outcomes and working conditions. The cost savings are possible because of the comparatively low cost of living in Vietnam as compared to developed countries such as USA and Australia.

    Yes, the prices are fixed.  The pricing is made up of two components and billed monthly on a single invoice. The pricing is completely transparent, and we will provide the breakdown in the invoice, so you know what you are paying for.

    The pricing is made up of two components and billed monthly on a single invoice. The two components are: 

    • Employee Direct cost 
      • This covers the salary and other associated benefits such as holiday, social security/benefits (i.e., retirement/pension fund), insurance and taxes, as per the local employment laws and regulations. 
      • Salaries for each staff member will vary depending on their qualifications and experience and are set at the time of hiring. There is no markup on employee direct cost.
    • Tourism Cloud Staff fixed fee 
      • TCS provides efficient and effective staffing solution at a fixed price and covers all operational costs such as HR, payroll, office support, facilities, electricity, internet, security, computer equipment, IT support, and infrastructure.

    As a general salary guide, the salaries for individual staff member vary depending on the job position, experience and qualifications. The monthly remuneration for most of the outsourced positions for a full-time white collar (office-based) staff ranges between US$ 1,350 - US$ 1,850 (all inclusive), which is equivalent to US$ 16,200 - US$ 22,200 per annum.

    • Call Centre Agent
    • Customer Service
    • Reservations Agent
    • Receptionist/Concierge
    • Travel Consultant
    • Hospitality Specialist
    • Travel Agent Specialist
    • Guest Relations Manager
    • Travel Agent
    • Guest Service Manager
    • Sales Agent
    • Hotel Receptionist
    • Tour Operator
    • Product Packaging Manager
    • Itinerary Designer
    • Product Packaging Agent
    • Recreational Activities and Leisure Coordinator


    Most of our staffs are tertiary educated or have extensive call centre experience in the travel and hospitality industry. All our staffs speak and write English therefore would be able to understand English speaking customers.

    The setup process for a team can begin in as little as one month, depending on the size of the team you would like to setup.

    • Contact us for a discussion about your needs and our Account Manager will design a solution and quotation as per your needs and requirements.
    • Once the contract is signed, you simply need to sit back, relax and wait to welcome your new team onboard (as scheduled).
    • A “Meet and Greet” session will be scheduled via Zoom meeting for the team to get to know you and to introduce the team members to you. 
    • The whole team will participate in the onboarding and training programs from your company as scheduled to get the team job ready.  
    You can choose to start with 1 or 2 staff or quickly build an entire team of 20 to 50 professionals.

    Our team will conduct and handle the whole hiring process for you.  All you need to do is to let us know your business requirements. Next, you simply sit back and relax while we do the rest.

    All our staffs are hired full time with all regulated staff benefits such as insurance, taxes and social benefits (i.e., retirement/pension fund) as per the local employment laws and regulations.

    Absolutely! TCS provides you a scalable resource to grow your business quicker with an immediate increased in workforce capacity to support your business growth; or reduce on demand (1 month notice).

    No. We outsource only full-time staffs who are dedicated and worked exclusively for your business to ensure consistency in the work delivery.
    Of course! Our staffs are flexible on the working hours and would work based on the working hours you required them to. With TCS, you can easily add staff to expand your workforce capacities and extend your hours of operation for global expansion by providing round the clock sales and customer care.
    • Absolutely! You can offer your team additional bonus and incentive.
    • Any reward or incentive programs for the staff must be notified in writing to TCS at least 60 days prior to the commencement of the program as there may be tax implications involved.
    • Reward or incentives being offered to the staffs in monetary value or rewards of all forms (i.e., cash, bonus, gratuity, gifts cards, prizes, holidays, etc) should be notified to TCS in writing with a monthly statement of account.
    • It is always a concern for an employer whether their staff is working full time and being productive if they are working from home. All our staffs are working from our two offices in central locations in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The offices are modern, safe, secure, and fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure.
    • To ensure the work quality of our staffs, our office Manager, Kate Duong, takes ownership and is responsible for all our operations and staffs in our Vietnam office.
    • We also provide the TKG Platform which is an innovative suite of tools that gives you complete visibility and control of your team. You can monitor your staff’s activity in real-time and get customized reports via the following tools:
      • Management Console / Dashboard that provides full visibility and control of your team
      • Real-time monitoring
      • Real-time monitoring
      • Performance monitoring
      • Communication tools
      • Task management tools
      • Email management
    • All our staffs are qualified and trained for call centre roles specifically with experiences in sales and customer service in the travel industry.
    • You are encouraged to provide training on your company, products or services, operational processes and software, and relevant policies and compliances.
    • We provide ongoing learning and development programs internally to upskill and ensure their competencies.
    All you need to do is to assign tasks to your team and set their workflows, and we will manage and cater for their day-to-day operational needs, all for one simple and fixed monthly fee.
    Our unique and innovative TKG Platform provides real-time ‘visibility’ and ‘control’ of your team. Through the ‘Workplace Collaboration’ feature, you can find out in real time “where” your staff are, “what” tasks they are doing, “how” their tasks progress, “when” they finish their tasks, just to name a few, all in a single detailed reporting management.
    The staffs are employees of TCS. When you hire a team through TCS, the staffs will be allocated as a part of your team working exclusively for you, according to your business operations and requirements. When we outsource our staffs to you, they remain as employees of TCS and we are the employer responsible for their payroll, staff benefits, insurance, taxes, and so on.
    You can communicate with the team via any team collaboration platform such as email, zoom meeting, text messages, messengers, video conference, WhatsApp, or any of your preferred team collaboration platform.
    If a staff is underperforming, we will assist to performance manage the staff which includes but not limited to reskilling and providing focus training to close the skills and knowledge gaps, giving fair warning and evaluation period, and so on. If needed, we will replace the underperforming staff with another competent staff.
    Absolutely! In fact, this is a preferred method to some of our clients due to managing sensitive information such as payment and accounts details. This approach also streamlines the operational processes and eliminating additional costs for extra software licenses for your business.
    • Industry leader: Our leadership team has more than 20 years of experience specializing in the travel and tourism industry from retail to wholesale, we have the most relevant knowledge and expertise to help you reach some of your specific business goals through our excellent outsourcing solutions.
    • Unique Selling Point – what set us apart from other outsourcing and staffing solution is that we are not just any staffing or recruitment company. All our staffs are in-house staffs, which mean we don’t simply hire a staff just to fill in a role in your team. All our staffs are handpicked, hired and trained by us as permanent staffs either to be outsourced to our clients or across our sister companies, which also signifies the quality of our staffs – 100% hireable and competent staff who perform their duties to the highest quality and effectiveness.
    • Stable resources: TCS provides a 360 outsource staffing solution that includes knowledgeable and well-trained staff, innovative technology, and state-of-the-art facilities to support your customer care, sales operations, and operational needs.
    • Industrial-ready: We hire, onboard, co-train and manage a team of staffs exclusively representing and working for your company. All our staffs are constantly trained and tested for real-time knowledge and skills.
    • Immediate deployment: We strive to add more values to you and ensure you have full control of the team by incorporating our innovative TKG Platform in your outsourcing solution as a tool to track and manage efficiency and productivity.
    • Constant support: We provide round the clock technical support with immediate deployment supported by industry-ready professionals who are future ready and fully trained.
    • Confidentiality protection: All our staffs sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and are legally bound to the confidentiality and intellectual property of your business.
    • We Care for our Staff: We adhere to a strict Code of Conduct that ensures we deliver working conditions that exceed western standards, comply with all local labour and tax laws, and provide a safe and healthy work environment for the wellbeing of our staff and their families.

    TCS staffing solution is a sound investment that gives you the following uncompromised benefits:

    • Full control: Enjoy total transparency, greater visibility, and regular communication
    • Expand capacity: Have a dedicated team which is a virtual extension of your current travel staff team
    • Peace of mind: Have peace of mind from the tedious hiring process with increased hiring speed
    • Save cost: Save you from costly hiring expenses such as hiring advertisement and resources, setting up a central office space, salaries and benefits, staffs learning and development, technical support, and so on
    • Scalable resources: Have scalable resources to grow your business quicker with an immediate increased workforce capacity to support your business growth, or reduce on demand (1 month notice)
    • Increased productivity: Enjoy stable resources with minimal learning curve and increased quality/productivity
    • Global expansion: Expand globally by providing round the clock sales and customer care o Increase operation hours: Provide round the clock sales and customer service support for your customers
    • Reputable brand: Have tailor made and flexible workforce as you may increase or decrease your workforce capacity based on your business needs without affecting your company reputation. While understaffed and overstaffed can both be an issue, laying off employees can potentially ruin a company’s reputation
    • Legal and Compliance: Free from compliance hassle and legal complications as we will take care of all employee payrolls, insurance, taxes, benefits and employment laws and regulations
    • Core business growth: While we do all the hard work, you can focus on your core business functionality, diversify your products/services and provide excellent customer care with our expertise
    • Flexible funding: With the lower overheads and savings from our staffing solution, your company would be able to free up some funds and reinvest back into the business

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